I like to code.

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Erick Sanchez Estrada

My Expertise

iOS Development

Since my Sophmore year in High School, I've been improving my skills developing better iPhone applications by keeping up-to-date with WWDC videos and other reliable sources.

Web Development

Building template pages with Node.js would be my second most strongest placeholder to compile websites such as SRJC's CS website.

Customer Service

After four years of employment at retail, I've had customer-faced positions and enjoy putting the needs of others before my own to build that outstanding experience.

Technical Aid

From troubleshooting common issues to building a desktop computer, I've love to understand how a computer works and what build the best experience for every feature such as gaming.


Climbing up the ladder, I've worked from company to company, been given the manager role as my first position and I then grew to love becoming dependable by others.

My Work

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Skillets Cafe Website

Skillets Cafe Website

Using InVisionapp as my service, I designed this site from thumbnails to a working mock up.

  • Conducted client interview
  • Designed the InVisionapp prototype using Sketch3

Kid's Self-Evaluate

In the face of this kind of reality, we need to give them better, more effective tools for managing their lives and helping to make them more whole.

  • Client: George Moskoff
  • Designed, developed and deployed this iPhone application with light aid from a senior iOS developer as my mentor.
Kid's Self-Evaluate

About Me

Work Ethic

Work doesn't have to be boring and dull, but when something needs to be done and at a timely matter, it becomes my highest priority to best apply my sense of urgency.


To find that better more efficient method on completing a task or solving a problem is best achieved by having the patients and different perspectives and that is a skill I hope to never lose.

Creative and Outgoing

I'm not one to hesitate working with others if it means getting things done and building a healthier environment. In doing that, I feel more comfortable expressing stronger ideas and suggesting riskier methods.

Personal Work

  • Assigned
    | iOS Development

    Just like most task manager apps, Assigned differs by helping you measure each task by the amount of effort needed to complete the task and then help plan balancing the effort throughout the week on a calendar.

  • iLog
    | iOS Development

    An "all in one" app for logging many types of information such as journals, map locations, personal preferences, stopwatches or timers to then later be referenced by. iLog will express all of Apple's technologies such as WatchKit, Today's Extension and more productive tools like Split-view.

  • Mulah
    | iOS Development

    Similar to iLog, Mulah is currently an offline financing iPhone app that tracks expenses, budgets, wish list items, IOUs, bills, and much more! Mulah helps how to save money from past expenses. Mulah will also use WatchKit to help quickly add purchases and update budgets and balances so you can continue enjoying your wealth!

  • Santa Rosa Junior College's Computer Science Club Website
    | Web Developer

    After I joined the CS club, I knew we needed to update the current website into something club members and new guests can find useful. This new website presents all project details such as images, team members and what's next. This site also shows club events and helpful tutorial links and lessons to help join projects.

    Santa Rosa Junior College's Computer Science Club Website
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